License Approach

We believe that studios and designers should have access to fonts without spending a fortune. That's why our licenses are always aimed at your customers. A designer or design studio is always covered by this license (unless you use the fonts for your own projects or other clients).

Furthermore, we hate the complicated handling of font licences that is currently the norm. We provide you with a 4 to 1 license that covers all possible cases: Print Design, Web Design, Apps and Social Media Channels. The only important thing is the number of users of your customers. And logically, a new license is due for each project / customer - but as a designer or agency, you are always covered by this licence.

License Models

We make licenses as simple as possible. That's why there are only three sizes: S, M and L - depending on the number of users of your customer (installations for print design, visitors for websites, downloads for apps and followers for social media channels). You don't need separate licenses for print, web or apps - just one license for all cases. If your customer has more users than are covered by the largest license L, simply write to us and we will make you a personal offer.
Small License
  • User
  • Web
    10k views p. month
  • Social
    10k follower
  • App
Medium License
  • User
  • Web
    50k views p. month
  • Social
    50k follower
  • App
Large License
  • User
  • Web
    100k monthly views
  • Social
    100k follower
  • App

Student Discount

We know how unaffordable fonts are for young students - that's why we give design students a 100% discount on the use of our fonts for personal, non-commercial projects.

To get a student discount write us a mail from your study mail account, so we can verify your student status.

Trial Fonts

Of course we offer trial fonts. But only for testing purposes. We provide you the trial fonts with a limited glyph set. You can download them on the Trial Font Page.

About format

format.tif is a design studio from Aachen, currently based in Halle (Saale). As format.otf, we design contemporary but useful fonts.

format.otf was founded in 2020. Always in love with fonts and typography, we already designed free fonts for students under the name type‑eins. Since we received many requests for commercial licenses and custom typefaces, we decided to open our own small, independent foundry. The approach to give away high quality fonts to students for free is still there. But today, we also sell additional commercial licenses to design agencies, graphic designers, freelancers and anyone who fell in love with our fonts.